Coleção: CORK UNIQUE, Sculptures by GAIPI, Collection of author Art pieces

TWO ENTREPRENEURS joined their passions and know-how to create a COLLECTION of ART

Seeking for opportunities of adding value to CORK, Cristina, Cork Producer at Alentejo-Portugal, Thecorkmarketplace project Concept Designer and Portugal Cork Tourism founder, found in Ivone and her creativity, entrepreneurship, enthusiasm and talent the right partner for her CORK&ART iniciative.

Started in late 2018 with a Cork PHOTO Exhibition, in 2019 when she met Ivone and her bodycasting aproach flashed an amazing narrative arround Sculptures embracing CORK.

Experiences arround the materials started and work soon began leading to this UNIQUE WORK OF ART. The first EXHIBITION OPENING toke place in LISBON with an emotional atmosphere due to the theme, the many guests and the piano note played by Ivone.      

Therefore Thecorkmarketplace is proud to present this Author Collection of exclusive pieces made to inspire people for the urgency of RECONCILIATION with NATURE 

This pieces are UNIQUE. Keep yours with LOVE and CARE. Made with RAW CORK from PORTUGAL ALENTEJO HILLS, it took 10 years to grow on an oak tree before it could be harvested and used on these Artistic Sculptures. Coming from a high ecological value ecosystem it will be a piece of Nature at your home or a very special surprising gift for your beloved ones.

MONTADO, Cork Oak Trees´s landscape, is able to rescue 14 millions tons of carbon per year and it´s considered a hot spot of Biodiversity. Valuing this piece of art you are helping this ecosystem to survive and grow healthier. Thank you!  

TAKE HOME A PIECE OF NATURE – only found on Mediterranean basin forests with an added value for ART

GAIPI, Ivone Dias artistic heteronymous, learned her technic at Scotland and got aroused by human bodies bringing to Portugal a very unique body casting approach. She puts passion on her work immortalizing details and expressions of real people, carrying individuality, stories and emotions. You will feel this energy in her Art.   


Impress your friends and clients with a story to tell through one of this Art objects placing it in your office or home lobby

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  • CORK UNIQUE, Sculptures by GAIPI, Collection of author Art pieces - Alentejo Amando
    CORK UNIQUE, Sculptures by GAIPI, Collection of author Art pieces - Alentejo Amando
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