PICNIC NO MONTE - Local cuisine by CILA in a HIDDEN PLACE with a glamorous setting (covid19 safe|until October 1 purchase gives for2|Montado flavors offer)

PICNIC NO MONTE - Local cuisine by CILA in a HIDDEN PLACE with a glamorous setting (covid19 safe|until October 1 purchase gives for2|Montado flavors offer)

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 LOOKING FOR A WAY TO ENCHANT YOUR SWEETHEART? or to take time with your family or friends? book a private picnic at one of our hidden places | a memory never to be forgotten | stay and enjoy without haste 

CHOSE YOUR PREFERENCES from the designed offers or send a mail for a TAILOR MADE EXPERIENCE

GLAM STYLE- A GLAMOROUS place by a tree prepared with care is waiting for you. The chosen china and the cutlery placed in the in the field will assure the right and SURPRISING ATMOSPHERE. A host will be there to serve your main dish she prepares with wisdom 

COUNTRY STYLE- Pick a WICKER BASKET at Cila´s tyical Tavern and take a 1km walk until find our HIDDEN PLACE following the instructions you´ll find inside. It will do wonderfulls for your health through body and mind wellbeing. You notice a progressive immersion in the MONTADO landscape and the light exercise will open your appetite. Once you reach the shepherd shelter refurbished, feel comfortable to pick a handmade rug and place it in one of the 6 spots available next to the shepers shelter    

In both options you´ll have olives and goat or sheep cheese and local made bread for ENTRANCE plus house Wine. Pair with a special Wine of your preference asking in advance by mail. You may choose from FISH, MEAT or A LA CARTE.

FISH - AÇORDA ALENTEJANA soup with garlic, coriander, boiled egg and cod fish

MEAT - CARNE EM VINHA D´ÁLHOS COM MIGAS seasoned meat with typical side dish made with bread

A LA CARTE - ask the menu by mail and design your own CUISINE EXPERIENCE  

Always prepared with LOCAL FRESH PRODUCTS interpreted by Cila´s traditional knowledge, up to date standard quality and best way to please 

End your meal with a home made Portuguese traditional and delicious dessert. Cilas´ ARROS DOCE (sweet rice cream) or LEITE CREME QUEIMADO (milk crème brulée)

Regular Coffee or Acorn Coffee on place


Chef of her own kitchen in StªMargarida da Serra,  Alentejo Litoral, headquarters of our HIDDEN PLACES, has a knowledge made of a longtime experience and brings passion to her work 

Born in Água da Ramada, a nearby locality, her parents use to have a Tavern. Early she learned the culinary secrets from her mother and got used to taste and improve. All those traditional flavors coming to table of locals and travelers, who stopped on their way to the mines or to the family farms, became friendly to her

Her later experience working in a Regional Hospital and living in Melides by the sea, gave her a new perspective of service and understanding about international clients expectations. Here, the coast and the beach tourists give a special print to the local Alentejo atmosphere, assuming some different trends that Cila knows so well


MEET OUR TEAM | based on a shared economy all offers are AUTHOR SIGNED. This way we provide the best performance and knowledge in each activity and you may reach the highest sensations and learnings

 - send an email with your preferences and schedule the date with us -


UNTIL October - each EXPERIENCE purchased is good for 2 participants. Maximum 24. Send an email for scheduling as it depends on the weather and availability. 

CARE FOR ENVIRONMENT & SUPPORTING OUR COMMUNITIES MATTERS Add to your visit other complementary options as CANTE ALENTEJANO performance by the Regional Choir; ADOPT an OAK TREE an investment to last in CARBON RESCUE and BIODIVERSITY conservation. Make it an UNIQUE and very special MEMORY FOR LIFE. Share it with your family, friends, work team and social networks 

For your convenience we have partners if you need transportation or a place to stay according to your preferences

Thank you for helping MONTADO to prosper!